Insulating Boards

We carry and supply both Insulating and Dense high temperature boards.

Our Insulating boards consist of Ceramic Fibre Boards, Low Bio-Persistence Boards, Millboard and Vermiculite Board.
Ceramic Fibre Boards range in temperature from 1200 C, 1400 C and 1600 C. Our Ceramic Fibre Boards have low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability and excellent resistance to thermal shock. For specialty applications we can source Insulating Boards to 1750 C.

The Low Bio-Persistence boards are rated up to 1200C. Thes boards also have low thermal conductivity, are stable at temperature and have excellent resistance to thermal shock. We carry the 1200 C boards in stock. These boards are used for applications from Boilers, Furnace back up, Kilns, Glass making, Baffles, High temperature gaskets and Seals.

Blok Board

This is a new board based on Superwool technology. It is used behind firebrick and refractory castable. Due to its hydrophobic (moisture resisting) properties it is especially suitable to use behind refractory castable or gunning material or as a base for wood fired ovens. Standard sheet size is 25mm, 40mm 50mm x 1000mm x 1200mm

Calcium Silicate

Our Calcium Silicate boards range in temperature from 900 C to 1100 C. We generally carry and supply 1100 C board as it covers most requirements. Thicknesses are 25mm, 40mm and 50mm.

Vermiculite Board

Vermiculite boards are available in 1100 C and 1200 C grades. The 1100 C is a light weight board which has been developed for general insulation applications with a density of 350-450 kg/m3. The 1200 C board is a medium weight board and is very suitable for industrial applications where a higher strength board is required, density is 1160-1260 kg/m3.

Dense Boards

We supply dense boards with temperatures from 400 C up to 900 C. In the range of dense boards we supply boards from material that can be easily machined to boards with extremely high strengths. These boards are available for electrical insulation, heat protection, Induction furnace linings, panels and machined parts. Thicknesses range from 3mm up to 75mm depending upon the type of product and end use.


For specialty shapes, we are able to offer boards machined to size and shape. We cut these board in both insulating and dense to meet tight quality tolerances. Boards are cut on either a specialty panel saw or by overhead CNC router.


Our millboards are supplied in sheets 1000mm x 1000mm. Thicknesses range from 3mm, 5mm, 6mm and 10mm. Temperatures from 850 C to 1000 C are available. Our 850 C Millboard can be wetted and formed to shape, the shape and properties are retained on drying. This makes this board very suitable for back up behind refractory in shaped vessels. This board is supplied in full pack lots

Fire Rated Board

If you have a Glass Splashback you may need to have a board approved by the Office of Gas Safety. In Victoria we offer the Firemaster 550 board. This is supplied in a manageable sheet size of 1200 x 1000 x 15mm. The current standard for these types of boards in Victoria are now a minimum of 15mm thick. In other states the laws for these applications are different, you should contact your local authority to confirm suitability for your application.

To assist we have a Splash Back Pack, this is the Firemaster 550 board 15mm x 500mm x 300m, 2 pieces cut and packed this way for easy shipping and postage. Do not hesitate to contact us for a price.

Insulating Boards