Wood Fired Ovens

We are pleased to have been supplying material and assistance to oven builders for over 25 years.

As part of our list of material we are able to offer dense brick and castable material to construct your perfect wood fired oven.
We also have all the necessary material to finish your oven including floor tiles, insulating blanket, mortar, flues to cast shells.

The most popular style of wood fired ovens being built in Australia today is the igloo shape, however many of our clients still request product for a half barrel or tunnel style brick oven. We have suitable products to allow the oven builder to construct the wood fired oven they want. As well as brick oven we also have material to allow oven builders to cast their own oven.

We are also able to supply a fully cast oven shell ready to finish off. These are made using refractory castable. These wood fired ovens are made for both domestic and commercial applications with the ability to have a custom oven made if required.

When planning and building your oven it is important to do a sketch or drawing before you start to work out the overall footprint you will need to make your oven. This will give you a base big enough to build the oven you want and get the finished result that will make you proud of the oven you have built. A good plan of the oven you are going to make will keep you on track with getting it finished and working out your material list.

As you will be cooking in your oven we only supply new products. Be sure to talk to us for the best advice on the type and size of fire brick and material appropriate for your installation.

Wood Fired Ovens