Dense Fire Bricks

We are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive range of high quality dry pressed firebricks to meet all demands.

Our dense fire bricks range varies from our standard 40% Alumina brick up to 90%+ alumina product.Firebricks are used in a wide range of applications including, Boilers, Waste Incinerators, Foundry and Furnace applications, Petrochemical, Steel Making, Cremators, Kilns and Pizza Ovens. Our standard brick is generally a combination of Alumina and Silica with trace elements. This mix of material creates a brick which has good ability to function under extreme temperature application.

Special Shaped Bricks

We are able to supply special shaped bricks made in the same material as our dense fire brick provided we can get suitable tooling made. If the shape is too complex or the volume is not great enough to justify tooling we can cast shapes out of refractory castable to meet most needs.

As well as the range of standard alumina/silica bricks, consolidated refractories are also able to offer a range of specialty products, these include:

Silicon Carbide Nitride Bonded brick

These are bricks that are fired to high temperatures to produce a product with high strength, high abrasion and wear resistance as well as high thermal conductivity. These bricks are used where high strength and ability to perform in very adverse conditions and at high temperatures is important. These brick are also used in applications such as oil fired boilers due to their ability to withstand the atmosphere created by using oil as a fuel.

Basic Brick

These bricks are made of high purity Magnesite or Magnesite and Chrome ore . These bricks are designed to posess strength at elevated temperature. They are used in a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous applications due to their ability to handle slags and fluxes.

Acid Brick

Our Acid Brick is used as part of a composite lining in applications such as pickling tanks and digestors. Other applications include the lining of chimney stack in power stations or similar uses.

Dense Fire Bricks