Furnascote Non Vit

"Where there's a leak there's a loss"

Furnascote Non Vit is an off white high grade zircon rich refractory cement specifically developed to produce a durable refractory barrier. Supplied in a dry powder form to which water is added to form a paste consistent with its application. Furnascote Non Vit has a temperature rating of up to 1900 C. Furnascote Non Vit is an odourless, tasteless and non poisonous and is un -affected by most acids and alkalies in liquid or gaseous form.

  • Reduces Slag Adhesion
  • Reduces Spalling
  • Helps eliminate cracking
  • Can produce a Gas Tight Surface
  • Reduces the effect of Thermal Shock
  • Added resistance to abrasion and erosion
  • Reduces replacement and maintenance cost
  • Increases production
  • Increased life of Refractories
  • Savings in energy

Furnascote Non Vit industrial uses include - Aluminium refineries, Smelters and ingot/billet production - Foundries ferrous and non ferrous - Boiler manufacture and maintenance. - Cement Industry - Ceramic and Pottery - Glass Making - Incinerator and waste disposal - Iron and Steel industries - Oil and Petrochemical industries - Power generation. Application include Launders and receivers (liquid metal) - Annealing, heat treating and carburising furnaces - Catalytic crackers.


Fibrecoat is a Zircon based refractory composition specially developed for use as a coating and binding agent for ceramic fibre and other fibrous refractory insulating materials. Fibrecoat will enhance the performance of Refractory Ceramic Fibres (RFC) in applications, whilst at the same time solving many of the problems associated with Refractory Ceramic Fibres. Fibrecoat binds the surface fibres forming a skin over the ceramic fibre lining. Fibrecoat strengthens the surface of an otherwise weak material greatly improving its resistance to erosion in areas subject to high gas velocities, flames, corrosive gasses, splashes from molten metal and many industrial chemical processes.

The ceramic fibre is rendered harmless under normal conditions of use and also serves closer to its classification temperature.
Fibrecoat is supplied as a dry powder which is mixed to a slurry. The amount of water will vary depending on the method of application, weather you are going to brush or spray the Fibrecoat to apply it to the surface. A coating of 1mm to 3mm produces a good firm skin over the ceramic fibre. We have found spraying is the best method of application especially over larger areas. When compared to some of the other zircon based coating we find that the Fibrecoat material produces a hard protective layer over the fibre rather than a soft layer that is easily broken.

Fibrecoat can be applied to both new and fired ceramic fibre provided the surface is in reasonable condition, however coating rigidized surfaces is not recommended. We supply Furnascote Non Vit to do the work of Fibrecoat as it as able to be used in both applications

Thermalcoat 300 Ceramic Coating

Thermalcoat 300 is an of white very fine grained, high grade, neutral water based Zircon coating. Thermalcoat 300 has been specifically formulated to produce a very durable refractory barrier which protects refractory material and metal tools against molten metals and slags.

Thermalcoat 300 is also highly effective as a release agent, enabling easy removal of solidified metal and dross from ingot moulds, carrying ladles, tundishes, launders and buggies. Thermalcoat 300 is used in both the Ferrous and Non Ferrous melting industries. With a viscosity as supplied of 120ยบ Baume it can be used undiluted or, when required, diluted 1:1 with clean water particularly when spraying onto surfaces being treated.

Thermalcoat 300 can be applied by brushing, spraying, dipping or swabbing. A long lasting ceramic coating is formed when the thoroughly air dried coating comes into contact with molten metal. Alternatively the coating can be developed by heating with a torch. Applications include - Gravity Die Casting = Improves the surface finish, prevents castings sticking and speeds up production. Metal and Plumbago items = Facilitates the removal of frozen metal, dross and slag. Protects tools from attack by molten metal. Prolongs life. Prevents contamination of melt by iron pick up. Launders, Tundishes, Filter boxes = Reduced wear, Prolongs life, Facilitates cleaning.