As part of our range of products we are able to offer refractory castables to complement most applications.

The dense castable range of materials we supply are made from selected raw material, aggregates and cements. The careful selection and blending provides materials with a range of properties and characteristics that enables them to withstand the most arduous application to wood fired ovens.

Standard Dense Castables

A range of material to cover temperatures from 1350 C to 1800 C. These refractory castables are the most suitable for general applications ranging from boiler work, general furnace applications, burner blocks to specialty muffle furnaces and wood fired ovens. As part of this range we carry 1350 and 1600 grades as these items will suit most needs. Other grades are readily available upon request.

Gunning Castables

A selection of specialty raw material is used to produce a range of Gunning Refractory. This material is mixed with water at the nozzle of the gunning equipment to enable easy placement of refractory. This method is very suitable for placement of bulk material in applications where conditions make formwork unpractical or too time consuming. The temperature range varies from 1400C to 1800C to suit most applications.

Low Cement Castables

A range of refractory castables with lower cement content than standard dense castables. Varying in Alumina content these products have excellent physical properties. Lower porosity, high strength and good abrasion resistance are features of low cement castables. Generally these products require controlled installation including mixing, water addition and high frequency vibration placement.

Abrasion Resistant

Where conditions are extreme a range of Abrasion resistant dense castables are available. These castables are available as Gunning and Low Cement as well as in the Conventional style of castable and Silicon Carbide products.

Insulating Castables

These products range from materials with temperatures of 1000C and densities of 400kg/m3 up to 1750C with densities up to 1850 kg/m3. Insulating castables are used as either a back up lining or for hot face work. As a back up lining they can be found behind brick work or behind dense castables where protected they help to reduce the overall density of the lining or to reduce the cold face temperature to something suitable for people to work near. As a hot face they are used in areas where wear and tear is not generally a problem. Their low density generally means that the insulating range of castables have only low to medium strength making them not suitable to abrasion or particle attack. As a hot face they are used in boilers and furnaces where they are not subjected to punishment.

Thermbond is a two part system (dry formulation and liquid activator) added together to form a uniquely bonded refractory material. No water is used. Thermbond products are a complete line of engineered refractory materials.

Thermbond features rapid mixing, rapid curing, rapid heat up, thermal shock resistance, excellent bonding strengths and superior non-wetting characteristics. These abilities allow for time savings on new installations, repairs and precast shapes. The exothermic set allows the product to self cure rapidly, the thermal shock resistance allows for equipment to be returned to service hours or days quicker than conventional refractory materials which need to be fired to drive off moisture.

In the Aluminium industry Thermbond has proved its self time and again. The unique characteristics render Thermbond "Non Wetting" to molten aluminium.

In the Petrochemical Industry Thermbond applications include Heater Floors, FCCU Cyclone Repairs, Ethylene Crackers, Coke Calciners, Sulpher Recovery Units, Regenerator Walls, Stack Linings, Burner Tiles and Precast Shapes as well as Gunned Linings.
Other applications include - Incinerator Linings, Potash Dryers, Reheat Furnace Hearths, Flares, Glass Tank Repairs, Boiler Repairs, Cement, Foundry, Heaters, Burner Blocks, Special Shapes

Phoscrete concrete is a super strong, fast setting concrete material developed from a patented binder system. Phoscrete uses a no water, it is supplied as a dry mix with a liquid activator. Once the Phoscrete and activator are added the material is set within minutes.
Phoscrete forms an epoxy-type bond creating a permanent repair. Phoscrete is suitable for roads, curbs, floors and other concrete structures.

Phoscrete Hot Floor resists spills and splashes. The fact that no water is used make it very suitable for repairs to Smelter Pot Room floors where moisture in standard concrete can be a concern. The ability to with stand metal and cryolite splash make this the perfect product for use in floor construction and repair in the aluminium industry.

Our range of material covers all of these types of product for applications as varied as Boilers, Furnaces, Waste, Petrochem, Crucibles, Aluminium and Steel. As part of this range we also have specialty materials that have additions of Silicon carbide and Non-wetting agents for specific applications through to full Silicon Carbide castable. If you have a specific requirement let us know and we will find the best product for your application.

Refractory Castables